How to decide what not to fix when selling a house

Many home sellers are encouraged to improve their properties before putting them up on the market. However, not all home improvements are created equal. Some repairs and upgrades will actually end up costing you more money than they’re worth, while others may not add any value to your home at all.

At Seeing You Home in Cambridge, Ontario, we are committed to helping our clients get the most value out of their homes. Read on and contact us today to learn more about some common home selling mistakes to avoid.

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Normal Wear & Tear

We often see sellers spending money to fix things in their homes that will most likely go unnoticed by buyers. While it’s important to have your home stagged and ready to show, showings typically last 15 to 30 minutes, so buyers are rushed and not focused on minor details such as worn or scuffed floors, small scuffs on walls and

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Minor HVAC & Plumbing Issues

There is no need to spend money on your water heater or A/C system if they are already functioning properly. Unless you have dangerous problems lingering in your home, it is best to save your money and focus on more pressing issues.


Partial Bathroom Upgrades

Bathrooms and kitchens can be expensive to update. The reality of these rooms is that they are bound to become outdated due to the usage they receive. As a seller, you would be better off thoroughly cleaning and decluttering your home.

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Carpet & Flooring

Though carpet and flooring leave a strong impression on buyers as they visit your property during a showing, these are also components that are dictated by personal taste. Don't spend money on an item that may get replaced as soon as the home is sold.

If you are looking to sell a home in Ontario, Mallory Siezar at Seeing You Home can offer a helping hand. As a licensed realtor professional, Mallory can help you go through the necessary checklist for selling a house and guide you towards the optimal sale.

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