Why Listing Photos Matter

Listing photos are an essential part of the home selling process. They are often the first impression a potential buyer will have of a property and can make or break a sale. Photos can be used to capture the beauty of a home and highlight its best features, helping to attract more potential buyers and ultimately leading to a successful sale. Seeing You Home, a Cambridge real estate team, puts a lot of emphasis on staging your home so that it can be put in its best light for potential buyers. Learn why listing photos matter below, and contact us today!


High-Quality Is a Must

When it comes to listing photos, quality is key. High-quality photos will show the home in its best light, making it more attractive to potential buyers. It is important to hire a professional photographer to take the photos, as they will know the best angles and lighting to use to make the home look its best. Professional photos will also capture the details and features of the home that potential buyers will want to see, and it does make a huge difference in the number of showings of a home.


The More Photos, the Merrier

In addition to quality, the quantity of real estate photos is also important. Providing numerous photos of the home will give buyers an opportunity to get a better idea of what the property looks like and will help them to form an opinion of it. It is also important to provide photos of the interior and exterior of the home, as well as any special features that could help to sell the property.


Consider a Virtual Tour

Providing a virtual tour of the home can also be a great way to give buyers a better feel for the property and help them to decide if it is right for them. And, don't forget drone photography photos, either. Any way you can distinguish your home from others will garner you more views and showings.


Showcase Lifestyle of Home

Listing photos can also be used to showcase the lifestyle that potential buyers could be living if they choose to purchase the home. By including photos of nearby attractions and amenities, potential buyers can get an idea of what the area is like and what it has to offer them in terms of activities and entertainment — factors that play a large role in the purchase of a home.


Listing photos are an important part of the home selling process and can make or break a sale. Malloy Siezar with Seeing You Home helps with staging and photography of your home in order to help with your home's sale. Call to get started today!

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